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Food is…
Mindful Nourishment
Social Bonding
A Creative Act
A Sensory Experience
An Emotional Connection
A Spiritual Offering

Have you thought of your diet?

THOUGHT FOR FOOD celebrates mindful eating, and the many roles food play in our lives, expressed in dishes, cooking methods, service and ambiance.

We have the most fundamental relationship with food, because it nurtures our minds, bodies and spirit. The philosophy behind ‘mindful eating’ is based on the sourcing of only the finest ingredients. It’s only with pristine ingredients that we can create mindful dishes that please and nourish.

Food stimulates a symphony of your senses, a multidimensional encounter. From the moment you enter THOUGHT FOR FOOD, you embark on a journey infused with aromas, texture, colors, sounds, flavors and meaning. Eating a meal is an indulgent, sensorial and spiritual experience.

We express creativity through food, with the practice of the culinary arts, a combination of natural ingredients, innovative cooking skills and exquisite plating resulting in a work of art. We create and serve our healthy creations with love.

Food creates Community and is a social connector. Eating together and sharing is one of the oldest and most cherished human traditions. At THOUGHT FOR FOOD, we believe in the power of food to connect humans in deep and meaningful ways. Sharing a meal is a central part of the interconnectedness of life; The experience forms a deep nurturing relationship between your mind body and spirit. At THOUGHT FOR FOOD, you can experience this sacred adventure with others, an offering of love from heart to table to heart.

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