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The family is our source of love, safety and shelter. It is our first community, our first bundle of relationships, a formative place, a culture, and a journey that defines the quality of our lives. Relationships developed within the family will be expressed externally. A home is like a garden; the gardener is the hand that sows and nurtures the seed. Adults are the gardeners of the home. You were once being nurtured, now you nurture. Parents and caregivers are children’s first and most formative educators; and parental involvement in learning is the biggest factor shaping children’s educational outcomes.

The period between birth and 6 years old is a critical period for the human brain’s development. This is when a child sets the stage for the many years to come. As a parent, you can play a major role in this development, ensuring your child has the best start in life.

At the FAMILY CENTER By OCTAVE, we integrate mindful practices with knowledge to stimulate learning. Learn to increase the awareness of your projections; to develop healthy attachments to your children; to enhance your understanding of neuroscience, development psychology and the impact of family systems on your home ecosystem.

Be guided by experts to experience mindfulness and to address and resolve emotional and psychological issues in the realm of the family. Learn how to enhance your family relationships, and make the family an interactive platform for the growth of all.

At our locations in SANGHA and THE LIVING ROOM, FAMILY CENTER by OCTAVE aims to guide and stimulate learning and practices to enhance your life. With these concepts and skills, family bonds will be strengthened naturally. Re-discover the joy of living in equilibrium and harmony with self, others and nature.

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