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The Living Room By Octave Provides Holistic Support for the Lifestyle Changes of Urban Dwellers.

Located in the former French Concession in Shanghai and designed by the internationally renowned Tsao & McKown, The Living Room By Octave is a curated, serene urban space. It provides a thoughtful space for urban dwellers to discover, connect, nurture and practice and retreat away from the burden of city life. The Living Room can be your home away from home, and a living space for you to receive guests in a new and welcoming way that city life does not allow.

It can also be a place for you to seek clarity in your relationships in life. The Living Room helps you reconnect with those people important to you, without distractions and without the burden of the city. The tranquility of The Living Room allows the heart to open in new ways, bringing us closer to what is most important in life.

The Living Room By Octave Redefines Space and Helps You to Discover More.

THOUGHT FOR FOOD, located on the first floor, is a dining space that helps you to discover your relationships with food and people. The Family Center is a diversified space that inspires children to discover their relationships with the world through creative activities and encourages parents to participate in interactive programs with their children to learn and grow together. Connection Rooms are a safe and intimate space created for communication and understanding among family and friends. Movement Rooms are an energetic space for the mind, body and spirit to be restored through mindful practice of holistic physical movements and practices. The Living Room by Octave is an urban serene space for you to discover, connect, nurture and practice, supporting you through the positive changes towards a more healthy and mindful lifestyle.

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